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Education services

Who are education consultants?
WorkSafeNB’s education consultants help workplaces by conducting education programs designed to promote an awareness of occupational health and safety.

WorkSafeNB education consulting services
WorkSafeNB’s education consultants are responsible for developing and conducting a wide variety of educational programs aimed at the province’s employers.

These programs are offered regionally, covering a variety of legislation-based occupational health and safety topics. Education consultants also assist employers with 20 or more employees to establish and maintain a joint health and safety committee (JHSC).

The benefits of education consulting
WorkSafeNB’s education consultants are an excellent resource for the province’s employers. Workplaces can access their services to learn more about how the province’s legislation impacts their industry and the way they work, and to receive information to help them address their specific health and safety needs.

More information
If you would like to learn more about WorkSafeNB’s education services, please contact the education consultant in your region.

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