Students are more vulnerable to workplace injuries

When school is out, thousands of New Brunswick youth will be starting summer jobs.

For many, it will be a milestone: their first introduction to the world of work, their first boss and their first paycheque. It should be a positive experience, but sadly, for some it might not.

Last year, 1,080 young New Brunswickers, between the ages of 15 and 24, were injured on the job. Of those, 548 sustained injuries serious enough to lose time from work.

“Young people can make great employees, but they are especially vulnerable to workplace injuries,” said Gerard Adams, president and CEO of WorkSafeNB. “They often find themselves in new environments and may lack the confidence to speak up if they encounter a dangerous situation.”

All employees – including summer students – have three fundamental rights:


When starting a new job, young workers should consider:

Employers must:

Parents can:

“If your child is starting a summer job, talk to them about workplace safety,” Adams said. “Don’t assume they have all the information they need to stay safe. By helping your child recognize the importance of safety as they embark on their first job, you can help them stay safe their entire working lives.”

Overall, New Brunswick is becoming a safer place to work. The rate of workplace injuries has dropped by 10% since 2010.

“But there is no acceptable number of workplace injuries,” Adams said. “One is too many.”

For more information, call Jessica Brodie, WorkSafeNB’s youth programs co-ordinator, at 1 800 222-9775.


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