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WorkSafeNB reminds workers to use their heads while on the job

June 8, 2015

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month and WorkSafeNB encourages all workers to protect their heads.

More than 50,000 Canadians live with a traumatic brain injury. In New Brunswick, there are more than 300 new cases reported each year. The cause of these injuries varies from car accidents to falls that could be prevented. 

Richard Blais, director of compliance and regulatory review and chief compliance officer from WorkSafeNB, encourages New Brunswickers to protect themselves while on the job.

“Falls can happen quickly and change your life forever, but if workers are aware of their surroundings and wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard hats and fall arrest harnesses, injuries can be prevented or minimized.”

Hard hats are required when employees are exposed to hazards that could cause a head injury. Hard hats must conform to specific standards and be worn properly.

Whenever there is a risk of a fall from an elevation, employers are required to provide their employees with the appropriate fall protection system and to instruct them on the proper use. This protection keeps workers from hitting the ground after a fall.

“When brain injuries are not fatal, they can still leave a lasting impact on daily living,” said Cecile Proctor, New Brunswick region representative from the Brain Injury Association of Canada.

“There are numerous safety measures and guidelines that are designed to keep employees safe while on the job. Employees must be mindful and responsible for their safety,” Proctor said.

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month; let’s all work together to make our workplaces safe.




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