Faces of WorkSafeNB

The WorkSafeNB team is passionate about promoting health and safety in New Brunswick workplaces. When a workplace injury does occur, we provide caring recovery services, benefits and compensation to those injured and their families. We’re focused on driving a safety-first culture, providing effective recovery and return to work services, maintaining  a sustainable system that ensures New Brunswickers are protected for generations to come, and providing superior service to all our clients.

We encourage you to view some of our staff photos to get to know us and the work that we do better. 


Amanda is part of our team of policy analysts. Policy analysts play a vital role in making sure we uphold the tenants of the workers’ compensation system –ensuring a fair balance of the interests of workers and employers.

After moving to Canada and earning a Masters in Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan, Dr. Ankona Banerjee relocated to Saint John in 2015 to pursue a career with WorkSafeNB’s Chief Medical Office.

MyServices − our online portal for workers, employers and health care professionals – was launched thanks to the help of our highly skilled IT pros like Adam.

As a project manager at WorkSafeNB, Amer must wear several different hats. He works with both internal and external stakeholders to keep our projects on the right track, ensuring they are on time and on budget.

As our Assistant Manager of the Work Recovery Program, Elesha is connected to the heart of the WorkSafeNB Rehabilitation Centre (WRC). She is just one of the many friendly faces you encounter when you visit the WRC.

If you’ve visited us at our head office in Saint John, you’ve likely met Jeanne; she greets all our guests with her warm smile and can point you in the right direction.

WorkSafeNB is proud of our caring and knowledgeable staff. As a recruiting specialist, Angela helps ensure that we get the best person for the job. Just like we did when we hired her!

Ever wonder why some industries pay higher assessment rates than others? It’s a complex formula, but Brent and his team are always happy to help employers understand the answers to these questions.

Education consultant Angèle, from Grand Falls, meets with employers and workers from a variety of industries to coach them on staying healthy and safe in the workplace.

As a lifelong fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Etta Connell's loyalty has never been questioned – but it's especially true when you consider she's spent the last 40 years with WorkSafeNB, cheerfully serving our valued clients.

Francine loves helping people - whether it’s helping injured workers and employers navigate through a claim or providing comfort and company to residents of seniors’ homes and care facilities with her therapy dog.

Our clients’ privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Ensuring our systems are secure, efficient and meet the needs of our organization and staff is top priority for Gautam, our IT security specialist.

Helen-Louise is one of our senior policy analysts. A large part of her role involves research and analysis to develop WorkSafeNB policies that interpret the legislation and best serve workers, employers, and citizens.

Jenny-Lee is a registered nurse working at our rehabilitation centre in Grand Bay. She supports and cheers on her clients as she supports them through recovery and returning to work where possible.

Jolene plays a critical role, co-ordinating support for workers. She started working with us as a summer student in 2004 while attending UNBSJ.

Jarrod is committed to clear concise communications for staff and stakeholders alike. He’s all about making messages easy to understand in order to best support and inform all of our stakeholders.

Jessica is an HR master, making sure employees’ pay is accurate, new hires understand benefits, and retirees have the information needed to step confidently into a new phase of life.

Johanne is one of our support clerks in the Grand Falls regional office. Support clerks like Johanne are instrumental in our claims process management – they keep the process rolling to make sure clients get timely service.

As a health and safety consultant in New Brunswick’s northwest region, Lisa spends a lot of time on the road for her job, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Teaching is her passion and she is happy to go wherever her help is needed.

Jeff is one of our valued HR associates. Our HR department supports our team through professional development planning, major life events and so much more.

Krista started off with WorkSafeNB as a physiotherapist. She’s now assisting injured workers with a safe and early return to work as a case manager in our Southwest region.

IT pros like Darren keep us connected as an organization by ensuring that we have the systems in place to communicate and share as an organization and deliver the best service to all of our clients.

Nadine has the dual role of employer representative and occasional case manager in the northeast region. She juggles both of these roles with grace and kindness.

Luc has worked in the field of social services for 17 years. We’re lucky to have him among our team of experienced case managers.

As a team lead in Claims Management and Rehabilitation in Dieppe, Nadine’s focus is on making sure that clients get the help and support they need.

As a physiotherapist, Justin cares about clients, helping them heal so they can return to work safely.

Senior case manager, Nancy, is part of the Claims Management Resources team. Nancy started her career at WorkSafeNB in March 2007, as a case manager.

A sharp eye for detail and passion for fairness are some reasons why Margaux is a terrific access information privacy co-ordinator.

Nathalie is a long term disability coordinator at the Moncton office. For her, the highlight of her career with WorkSafeNB is getting to help clients and her co-workers.

Rebecca is part of our team in the Decision Review Office and plays a vital role in reviewing complex claim files referred to it by injured workers, employers, and claims proceeding to the Appeals Tribunal.

Ryan is one of our valued document processing clerks. He’s part of a team that gathers faxes and mail, scans them electronically, then codes them to ensure our workers get accurate and timely service.

Sara’s job as an occupational therapist takes her to where our clients are – even if that’s a fishing boat on the Bay of Fundy. But she doesn’t mind- she loves the water, almost as much as she loves helping our clients.

As long-term disability co-ordinator, Stephanies ensures our long-term clients receive the benefits and support they deserve. Her role keeps her very busy, but luckily for WorkSafeNB, she loves helping others and thrives under pressure.

With strong research, analytical, communication and strategic planning skills, Shawna is a valuable member of WorkSafeNB’s policy team.

Christien is one of our education consultants. He’s one of a team of consultants who deliver health and safety workshops throughout the province.

As a Health and Safety Consultant, Shelley visits and consults with workplaces throughout New Brunswick to help them build and modify safety programs to help reduce workplace injuries through training and education.

Shane is a trained Lean Six Sigma black belt. He’s working on a number of process improvement projects as a member of our project management and performance excellence team.

As a social worker, Stacey finds that helping clients work through physical, functional and emotional barriers to return to work is as rewarding for her as it is for them.

As our senior business risk management analyst, Thomas develops and implements enterprise risk management strategies to minimize losses and capitalize on opportunities.

Vicky is a champion for activity – helping young people and injured workers get moving!

Great organizations are never satisfied with the status quo – they always want to improve. That's why we hired Ian, an experienced OHS specialist whose mission is to evaluate WorkSafeNB's health and safety culture and identify opportunities for growth.

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