The case management process

Case management is a way of co-ordinating everyone involved in the case – the worker, the employer, and health care providers. Case management is usually for long term cases, those where the injured worker is off work for six weeks or more.

Completing progress reports

Each time an injured worker has an appointment with you or with a specialist, WorkSafeNB Form 10 - Physician's Progress Report (or a Form 10c - Chiropractor's Progress Report) must be completed and remitted to WorkSafeNB. WorkSafeNB worked closely with the New Brunswick Medical Society to develop these forms.

Return to work

The information provided on Form 10/10c will be used by WorkSafeNB adjudicators and/or case managers to determine when the injured worker is considered medically fit to return to work.

The role of a WorkSafeNB medical advisor

A WorkSafeNB case management team includes a WorkSafeNB medical advisor, who is responsible for providing the case manager with medical analyses of claims including clinical objectives, estimated recovery and disability periods, probable and possible outcomes of the treatment plan, and the impact of the current condition and residual impairment on fitness for work.

The medical advisor also:

  • Consults with treating physicians as needed to discuss the medical management of cases and submits recommendations to case managers with respect to the necessity, character and sufficiency of medical aid as required.
  • Reviews the medical management of a case and to approve payment for surgeries and other treatment modalities. 
  • Reviews the progress of a case, as part of a case management strategy and submits recommendations for any additional interventions as necessary. 
  • Performs medical examination for the assessment of permanent physical impairment (PPI), which is a one-time award for physical impairment resulting from the accident.

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