Sample Checklist for New or Transferred Employee Orientation

EMPLOYEE'S NAME ________________________    DEPARTMENT ____________________________ 

The items on this checklist should be checked off by the immediate supervisor for each employee on their first day of work. The new employee should be encouraged to take notes. Once this checklist is completed, it should be signed by both the supervisor and the employee. The completed checklist should be returned to the personnel office to be filed in the employee's personnel file.

  1.  Welcome the new employee and introduce to fellow workers.

  2.  Explain and show department layout: location of work area, bulletin boards, coat closet,

            water  fountain, lunchroom, restrooms, etc.

  3.  Explain procedure regarding the following:
         - Health & safety responsibilities


- Time cards / sheets

- Work permits


- Overtime

- Personal use of telephone, etc.


- Vacation scheduling

- Hazard reporting


- Salary review

- Right to refuse work    

4.  Introduce worker to task procedures.

5.  Explain department organization and who will answer employee's questions and complaints.

6.  Explain the following 
        - Job title


- Job description and provide a copy to employee

- Job accountabilities or desired end results


- instruct on proper job procedures

- Accountability management / goal setting

7.  Explain department schedules and working hours.

8.  Discuss designated break period(s) and lunch hours. Ask (an) experienced employee(s) to


  take the new employee on coffee break and to lunch the first few days.

9.  Explain importance of regular attendance and how to report absences.

10. Discuss the procedures used for fire and personal injury, and instruct on evacuation procedure.

11. Explain occupational health hazards where applicable (chemicals, heat, stress, etc.).

12. Discuss the security system, where keys can be obtained, material removal procedures, etc.

13. Explain importance of plant rules and regulations and review relevant rules.

14. Explain personal protective equipment requirements, issue appropriate equipment, instruct on            proper usage using approved outline (record that instruction has taken place).

_____________          ____________________           _____________________
Date completed          Employee's Signature                 Supervisor's Signature

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NOTE: Samples used in these guidelines are for illustrative purposes only and while representative of those commonly used,
            are not intended to be ideal in specific organizational applications.

WorkSafeNB Occupational Health Section: 07/99