Checklist for Commercial Pesticide Handling

(greenhouses, nurseries, lawn care, etc.)


Inspection Items




Corrective Action / Comments







Management Responsibilities






Worker training on safe handling, use, storage (workers should have a good understanding of the health effects and symptoms of overexposure for the pesticide(s) they are using)


G* 59




Pesticide Handling






Procedure for cleanup and disposal of spill or leak


G 59 (a)




Spill cleanup kit available






MSDS in accessible location (recommendation only as pesticides are presently excluded from the requirement for MSDS and label under WHMIS)






Personal Protection






Personal protective clothing to consider depending on the application:

  • Impermeable gloves
  • Work clothes (disposable/reusable)
  • Impermeable apron
  • Face shield
  • Impermeable boots
  • Pesticide respirator
  • Impermeable hat





G 42 (a)

G 42 (c)   


G 42 (f)

G 42 (d)

G 42 (b)

G 45 (2)

G 42 (f)




Storage for street clothes and work clothes


G 9 (1)




Hand washing facility available


G* 6 (1)




Emergency Response






First aid kit available


G 12 (1)




Worker(s) trained in first aid


G 12 (6)




Eye wash facility available


G 11 (1)




Fresh water (hose) available for emergency body wash


G 11 (1)




Emergency response procedure


G 14 (1) (e)




Emergency telephone number(s) available






Pesticide Storage






Ventilation considerations


G 20 (1)




Access to stored material


G 113 (1)




Stability of stored material


G 60 (e)




Pesticides stored separate from other materials






Pesticides protected from elements (sun, rain, etc.)