Checklist for Pump Trucks


Inspection Items




Corrective Action / Comments







Safety Equipment






First aid kits


G* 12 (1)




Person to administer first aid


G 12 (6)




Protective headgear


G 40 (1)




Protective footwear


G 41 (1)




Inspection & Maintenance






Operator Training


















Logbook should include the following info.

-          Repairs

-          Modifications

-          Inspection schedules

-          Hours of service


G 210 (3)




Maintenance schedule in place according to manufacturer


G 210 (1)




Vehicle with hauling capacity 1 tonne or greater






Operated by competent employee


G 210.1 (1)




Back up alarm


G 224 (f)




Adequate brakes


G 224 (c)




Steps, handholds 3 point contact


G 224 (k)




Rear view mirror or signaler (when operator’s view is obstructed when backing up)


G 230.31 (1)




Moving parts adequately guarded (universal joint in front of vehicle)


G* 242 (1)




Positioning mixer next to excavation (1 to 1 rule)


G 181 (3)




Positioning mixer next to power lines


G 289 (1)




General Operation






Outriggers should be fully extended during use


G 234 (2)




Pump truck should not be moved when mast is extended


G 215




Hoppers equipped with auger should be equipped with a grille


G 242 (1)




Distribution mast should not be used to lift load






No person should stand under the mast other than worker placing concrete






Clean Out Procedures






Follow manufacturer’s recommended procedures






Depressurize the system before releasing pipe coupling






Keep workers away from discharge end when system is under pressure






Make sure discharge end is secured and has a trap basket












Safety devices

a)      distribution mast

b)      outriggers

c)      hose connectors