New Yearís resolutions that could save your life!

New Year's resolutions often begin with "I will lose five pounds" or "I promise to exercise." But there are other resolutions that could save you a trip to the doctor or, worse, the hospital. These New Year resolutions may be easier to keep Ė for you and your family.

1) Ask Questions!

No matter where you are working or what type of job you are doing, you could be at risk of getting injured. When starting a new job, be sure to consider the following questions Ė it could save your life!

Questions to ask when you start work

2) Get trained!

Did you know know that less than half of young workers will receive the safety training they need to do their job properly? According to a 2008 research study conducted in New Brunswick for WorkSafeNB, only 43% of young workers received health and safety training from their employer or direct supervisor before starting their job, or within the first week of work. Thatís pretty scary, donít you think? Print off the orientation checklist below and show it to your supervisor to make sure you get the proper training you deserve!

Orientation Checklist

3) Know your rights!

No matter what your job responsibilities are, you have the following three fundamental rights:

These New Year resolutions could save your life, or at least a body part. Be sure to remember them when you go to work. If you need more information on your three basic rights, or on the OHS Act, please refer to the link below, or contact WorkSafeNB at 1 800 222-9775.

Important Facts To Take To Work