Lost Youth Tour – We’re Back!

This fall, Nick Perry and Jonathan Plante will arrive in New Brunswick to continue the Lost Youth Tour, visiting high schools, community colleges, employers and community events in an effort to highlight the importance of safety training for young workers. The goal of the tour is to help WorkSafeNB reduce the number of young workers hurt on the job. Last year, 600 young workers aged 15-24 filed a no lost-time claim, while 734 filed a lost-time claim.

Perry, the tour’s key speaker, broke his back in a forklift accident when he was only 19. Following his injury, he was featured in British Colombia’s Lost Youth DVD and last year he launched the Lost Youth Tour in New Brunswick. The province-wide tour lasted three weeks and reached 12,000 people.

Along with Perry, this year’s tour will also feature a young francophone injured worker, Jonathan Plante, from Quebec. In 2007, Plante was working at a construction site when he fell three storeys and fractured his spine, leaving him wheelchair-bound. He will be touring francophone schools in the northeastern and southeastern parts of the province beginning September 27.

Watch the YouthSafe website this September for tour updates and a list of schools and colleges that Nick and Jonathan will be visiting!