Lockout – Means of isolating energy

Topic: Lockout – Means of isolating energy Issued by: V.P., WorkSafe Services
Statute: Regulation 91-191 Date Issued: April 12, 1999
Section: 239(1) Date Revised:

Does a plate that isolates the stop/start button meet the requirements of section 239(1)(a)? Is it “in addition to the normal start and stop mechanism”?

There are plates used to isolate stop/start buttons. They are inserted (and can only be inserted) when the button is in the “off” position. They prevent the stop/start button from being activated and they accommodate a padlock. Such plates meet the 239(1)(a) requirements.

The plate is the part that is “in addition to the normal start and stop mechanism.” It must also meet the requirements of (b) and (c).

The regulation’s intention is to prevent another worker from pushing the start button and activating the machine that a worker has turned off and is working on. The mechanism described above accomplishes that purpose. The plate and the worker’s padlock will prevent another person from activating the machine.


Referenced legislation

239(1) An employer shall ensure that in addition to the normal control start and stop mechanism, a machine has a means of isolating the energy source to the machine that is

(a) lockable,
(b) in a location familiar to all employees, and
(c) properly identified.

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