Personnel carrying equipment – Aerial device controls

Topic: Personnel carrying equipment – Aerial device controls Issued by: V.P., WorkSafe Services
Statute: Regulation 91-191 Date Issued: September 8, 1997
Section: 232(1) Date Revised:

Does an aerial device’s bucket have to have controls in the bucket and, if so, where does it say that?

The CSA Standard referred to in paragraph (a) says there must be controls in the bucket. When a standard is referenced, all its provisions become part of the regulation.

Controls in the bucket are required to prevent an operator who is moving an aerial device out of their line of vision from ramming the bucket into a wall or some other hazard that could injure the person in the bucket. The worker in the bucket can use the controls to more safely manoeuvre around hazards.

Where the operator has a clear line of vision to the bucket, the problem does not exist. There are some models of aerial devices that do not have controls. Those models would fit into paragraph (b). Keep in mind they should only be used where the operator has a clear line of vision.

Referenced legislation

"aerial device" means any vehicle-mounted telescoping or articulating device that is used to position a person by means of a bucket, basket or platform directly secured to the boom;

232(1) An aerial device shall

(a) conform with standard CAN/CSA-C225-M88, "Vehicle-Mounted Aerial Devices", or

(b) be certified in writing by an engineer as being safe to elevate personnel to a work site above ground level.

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