JHSC Training Provider Requirements

Requirements for training agencies or employers that want to deliver New Brunswick joint health and safety committee (JHSC) training. 

General information: 

  • Classroom sessions must be offered in New Brunswick
  • Workshops must have practical exercises
  • The workshop course length and classroom sizes must follow the limits set by WorkSafeNB
    • Classroom-learning only
      • Minimum of 18 hours (recommended maximum of eight hours per day)
      • Recommended maximum of 25 participants
    • Blended classroom learning
      • Pre-requisite five e-courses completed before the classroom session
      • Minimum of six hours in class
      • Recommended maximum of 20 participants 
    • Blended virtual learning (New)  
      • Pre-requisite five e-courses completed before the virtual session 
      • Minimum of six hours virtual instruction 
      • Recommended maximum of 20 participants 

Step 1 – Training provider/employer requirements

  • Complete application form
  • Provide proof of a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance (only required for external training providers)
  • If you employ three or more employees within New Brunswick provide a WorkSafeNB clearance certificate
  • Demonstrate the trainers you employ or contract to deliver JHSC workshops are knowledgeable and competent and have the following:
    • Credentials proving formal teaching qualifications (examples may include: Bachelor of education degree, teaching certificate from the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, certificate of completion of a Train-the-Trainer course or equivalency*
    • JHSC competency by virtue of education, training, relevant work experience
    • Knowledge of applicable New Brunswick health and safety legislation 

Step 2 – JHSC Workshop Curriculum

When applicants meet the training provider requirements outlined in step 1, they will be given access to the JHSC workshop curriculum. Trainers must adhere to WorkSafeNB course objectives and requirements.

If applicants choose to make changes to the curriculum, WorkSafeNB must approve these changes. (Please note that addition of company logos, procedures, policies, and forms are not considered to be curriculum changes.) 

Step 3 – Evaluation

  • Once steps 1 and 2 are completed, the applicant provides WorkSafeNB with upcoming dates and locations of training to WorkSafeNB.
  • WorkSafeNB Health and Safety Specialist will attend the workshop (in-person or virtually) to ensure that training objectives are met.

Ongoing requirements

The training provider must:

  • For the blended course offerings, verify participants have completed WorkSafeNB’s five e-courses
  • Collect workshop evaluations and provide to WorkSafeNB upon request
  • Provide participants with a certificate of completion
  • Submit a copy of the company’s liability insurance to WorkSafeNB annually
  • Notify WorkSafeNB of any contact information changes or if your company is no longer providing JHSC training
  • Submit quarterly reports to WorkSafeNB including: 
    • Date of workshop
    • Number of participants
    • Training type
    • Language of workshop
    • Company name of the participant 

These requirements are subject to change.

*A combination of training, facilitating and/or curriculum development may be considered



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