Joint Health and Safety Committees

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Joint health and safety committees (JHSCs) play a critical role in helping WorkSafeNB toward its vision of "Healthy and safe workplaces in New Brunswick." JHSCs are an important communication link between workers and management and can help create and maintain a positive health and safety culture at their workplaces.

WorkSafeNB values the work of New Brunswick's JHSCs, and, to help make your job a little easier we've developed this page to provide quick and easy access to some documents we believe JHSCs will find useful.  

All JHSC members must complete an educational program prescribed by the regulations. This educational program is offered by approved WorkSafeNB providers. Employers may choose to offer in-house JHSC training by submitting an application for their selected employer-based trainer. More information on becoming an approved JHSC trainer.

There are three options for JHSC members to complete the required training:

  1. 18 hr. in class instruction
  2. Blended (6 hr.) in-class instruction
  3. Blended (6 hr.) virtual instruction (New)

For the blended options, JHSC members are required to complete five e-courses and one day of in-class instruction or one day virtual instruction. Register here for the e-courses.

To all the JHSC members in New Brunswick, thank you for your commitment to workplace health and safety.

List of documents:

Is your committee working at its best to help your workplace stay healthy and safe? Take the How Effective is your JHSC? quiz to find out! Please note that this quiz is intended for JHSCs in fixed workplaces. Different requirements apply to committees for project sites.

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