Working with the Centre

WorkSafeNB considers the province's health care providers important partners in the return-to-work process for injured workers. WorkSafeNB works co-operatively with a number of health care provider groups, such as the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS), the New Brunswick Chiropractors' Association (NBCA) and the New Brunswick Private Practitioners of Physiotherapy (NBPPP). WorkSafeNB has worked with each group to develop treatment protocols and reporting standards. These standards have been negotiated to ensure both WorkSafeNB and health care providers are able to provide clear and consistent communications, ample information and appropriate care to the injured worker.

Communicating with WorkSafeNB

Submitting reports
Timely submission of clinical reports is essential to effectively adjudicate and manage an injured worker's claim. This is a legislative requirement and also a standard outlined in the agreements with the NBMS, NBCA and the NBPPP. Generally speaking, physician, chiropractor and nurse practitioner reports are due within 72 hours of the injured worker's appointment. Physiotherapy time frames differ slightly because of the nature of the treatment.

Physicians use Form 8 and Form 10. Chiropractors use Form 8C and Form 10C. Nurse practitioners use Form 8 N/I and Form 10 N/I. Physiotherapists may use their clinic's form as the initial assessment form, in conjunction with WorkSafeNB's Physiotherapy Progress Report.

Form 8 (8C, 8N/I) is only used if you are the first medical aid provider that sees the injured worker as the result of a workplace injury. Please do not use these if another treatment provider in the emergency department or office has seen the injured worker.

All subsequent reports are submitted to WorkSafeNB using Form 10 (10C, 10N/I). It is essential that all information on the form be completed to ensure that injured workers receive timely and appropriate care.

Form 8 has been revised to include a worker's section. If the patient states that an injury or illness is work-related, then you need to ask the patient if they have reported or intend to report this to WorkSafeNB. If the answer is "no" then do not complete the form or send any bills to WorkSafeNB. If the answer is "yes" then the patient must complete and sign the worker's section of the form.

Form 8 (8C, 8N/I) and Form 10 (10C, 10N/I) also contains an Employer Note section, which indicates whether or not the patient can return to their full pre-accident duties. If your patient cannot return to full pre-accident duties, please check the appropriate limitation(s) and give the Employer Note section of the form to your patient to take back to their employer for possible workplace accommodation. Once WorkSafeNB accepts a claim, it can use this information to help the employer identify appropriate workplace accommodation.

A faxed copy of Form 8 (8C, 8N/I) or Form 10 (10C, 10N/I) is sufficient for WorkSafeNB's records. You can fax these forms toll-free to 1 888 629-4722. Or mail them to:
1 Portland St., P.O. Box 160, Saint John, N.B. E2L 3X9

If a report is faxed, please do not mail it as well.

Physician toll-free inquiry line
At the request of physicians, WorkSafeNB has established a toll-free inquiry line through which a physician may make inquiries regarding claim status, invoice status and status regarding the coverage of an employer. Please note: this line is not for the purposes of reporting an accident.

Physician toll-free inquiries: 1 877 647-0777

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