Electrical equipment – Protective equipment

Topic: Electrical equipment – Protective equipment Issued by: V.P.,WorkSafe Services
Statute: Regulation 91-191 Date Issued: August 9, 2001
Section: 287.4(1) Date Revised:

What is proper shielding or protection? Does it include face shields?

The intent of the new provisions in the Electrical Section was to provide some rules to follow when working on electrical systems other than distribution or transmission lines.

Every effort should be made to de-energize electrical equipment before working on the system, however section 287.4 (1) allows for work on energized systems where de-energizing is not practical. In this case protective equipment must be used, such as appropriate rated rubber gloves, rubber mats to stand on, non-conductive shields placed over energized parts to prevent contact, and face shields to prevent against flash burns in case of inadvertent contact with energized parts is made and flash fire ensues.


Referenced legislation

287.4(1) Where it is not practicable to de-energize electrical equipment before working on or near energized exposed parts of the equipment, an employee shall use rubber gloves, mats, shields and other protective equipment to ensure protection from electrical shocks and burns while performing the work.

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