Approved First Aid Training – Blended Learning Legislative Interpretations

Topic: Approved First Aid Training – Blended Learning Issued by: Director, Compliance & Regulatory Review
Statute: First Aid Regulation Date Issued: December 10, 2018
Section: 8(2) Date Revised: April 29, 2022


My company is an approved provider of workplace first aid training in New Brunswick. Am I allowed to offer blended learning - a mix of online and in-class training - to my students?


Yes, blended learning courses that meet the requirements of First Aid Regulation 2004-130 and CSA Z1210-17 “First Aid training for the workplace” are allowed.

Referenced Legislation

8(2) The minimum level of training consists of

(a) the 10 compulsory modules and any two of five elective modules of the Workplace Standard First Aid Course as set out in Schedule B, and

(b) a minimum of 16 hours of classroom and practical training.

CSA Z1210-17First aid training for the workplace —Curriculum and quality management for training agencies

4.4.2 Practical skills demonstration

Workplace first aid training programs shall provide practical skills demonstration of the competencies specified in Clause 6. The minimum practical skills demonstration duration shall be as follows:

(a) for a basic level, 3.5 h;

(b) for an intermediate level, 7 h; and

(c) for an advanced level, 35 h.


(1) Learner training levels are specified in Clause 5.

(2) For a definition of practical skills demonstration refer to Clause 3.

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