First Aid – Designated employee to administer Legislative Interpretations

Topic: First Aid – Designated employee to administer Issued by: Director, Compliance and Regulatory Review
Statute: First Aid Regulation Date Issued: September 15, 2004
Section: 7(1) Date Revised:

Are we exempt from having to designate an employee to administer first aid if we have a nurse or doctor on staff?

No, nurses and doctors have to meet the same requirements as other first aid providers. However, it is possible to apply to the chief compliance officer for a deviation if it can be demonstrated that the nurse or doctor:

  • Has the knowledge and skills required by the first aid training modules.
  • Accepts the responsibility of a first aid provider.
  • Works near the first aid kit.
  • Does not perform the type of work that would affect their ability to administer first aid.


Referenced legislation

7(1) An employer shall designate one or more employees to act as first aid providers and maintain a record of the names of each employee who is designated as a first aid provider.

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