First Aid – In vehicles, trains and ferries Legislative Interpretations

Topic: First Aid – In vehicles, trains and ferries Issued by: V.P.,WorkSafe Services
Statute: First Aid Regulation Date Issued: September 15, 2004
Section: 4(1) Date Revised:

4(1) Subject to subsections (2) and (3), an employer shall provide and maintain the first aid kit, first aid providers and first aid rooms at a place of employment in accordance with Schedule A for the maximum number of employees present during a shift.

Now that vehicles used or likely to be used by an employee, ferries and trains are places of employment, do I need to provide a first aid kit and first aid training for employees who work from their cars?

Section 3 of the First Aid Regulation says;

“This Regulation does not apply to a place of employment that is a ferry, a train or a vehicle used or likely to be used by an employee.”

However, according to the Onboard Trains Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and the Marine Safety Regulation, trains and ferries must be equipped with a first aid kit.

Therefore, vehicles are the only type of place of employment for which first aid kits and providers are not required. However, employers should assess the risks and determine whether, due to reasons such as location, tasks, number of employees, etc, a first aid kit and provider should be provided in a vehicle that is used or likely to be used by an employee.

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