First Aid – Isolated site or area Legislative Interpretations

Topic: First Aid – Isolated site or area Issued by: Director, Compliance and Regulatory Review
Statute: First Aid Regulation Date Issued: September 15, 2004
Section: 6(3) & Schedule A Date Revised:

How do I determine if my place of employment is isolated?

There is no formula to determine how isolated a place of employment is when dealing with a medical emergency. You should take into account the nature of the hazard, the severity of possible injuries and the accessibility (distance, weather conditions, impediments, etc.) to medical help.

Section 6(3) – A site is considered isolated when an ambulance cannot easily reach it. Consideration should be given to weather, time of day and of year (ferry schedules or roads closures), and other similar impediments.

Schedule “A” - An area is considered to be isolated when paramedics or ambulance attendants cannot easily reach it. Although in the middle of a city, working at the top of a stack (accessible by ladder only) is considered isolated because a paramedic or ambulance attendant wouldn’t be able to easily reach the injured employee. Therefore the work at the top of the stack is considered high hazard work and special provisions would need to be in place.

Referenced legislation
6(3) An employer shall…ensure that transportation is readily available in the event of a medical emergency when work is carried out at an isolated site.

Schedule “A”
Work carried out at a place of employment…that is in isolated areas where emergency medical help is not in proximity to the work area…constitutes high hazard work.

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