First Aid – Latex & vinyl gloves Legislative Interpretations

Topic: First Aid – Latex & vinyl gloves Issued by: Director, Compliance and Regulatory Review
Statute: First Aid Regulation Date Issued: February 8, 2005
Section: Schedule C – Contents of first aid kit Date Revised: December 17, 2020

Do we need to have latex gloves in our first aid kits? According to CSA First aid kits for the workplace Z1220-17, workplace first aid kits are to contain examination gloves, that are disposable, medical grade, one-size, non-latex, powder free.


The short answer to your question is no. In fact, research information on this matter suggests that the use of latex gloves should be minimized because of the risk of becoming allergic to latex. In addition, in May of 2020, Schedule C of the First Aid Regulation was replaced with the CSA standard on first aid kits for kit content. In the CSA standard, kits are required to have examination gloves that are disposable, medical grade, one-size, non-latex, and powder free.

Because CSA used the latest evidence available on appropriate examination gloves and, despite sub-section 7(4), first aid kits should be equipped with alternative non-latex gloves that are powder free as required by CSA Z1220-17.

Referenced legislation

7(4) An employer shall ensure that an employee who is designated as a first aid provider

(b) has readily available access to disposable latex or vinyl gloves and a face shield with a one-way valve.

11 An employer shall ensure that each first aid kit required to be provided by the employer is equipped as set out in CSA standard CSA Z1220-17: First aid kits for the workplace.

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