Safely entering New Brunswick to work amid COVID-19

It is important to stay informed on changes to health zone recovery levels when planning travel into New Brunswick. Information is found here.  As we try to prevent the spread of COVID-19, employers must safely prepare and monitor employees who travel to work in New Brunswick. Employers must address how they will isolate workers from New Brunswickers (residents and other workers) in the first 14 days of arrival. These actions can be documented in an Isolation for Out-of-Province Workers form.


PLEASE NOTE: Guidelines are set by Public Health. Please refer to Public Health for the most up-to-date information.

New Brunswick-based employers or general contractors

Provide the isolation elements of your COVID-19 operational plan. WorkSafeNB does not need your full operational plan, only information relating to isolation of workers entering New Brunswick. See below for details of what you need on-hand to apply:

Complete and submit the Isolation for Out-of-Province Workers form.

Note: applications will only be accepted through the link provided above.

Non-New Brunswick-based employers or general contractors

In addition to the isolation elements, non-New Brunswick employers or contractors must submit a full COVID-19 operational plan for carrying out work that is not at the request of a specific New Brunswick employer.

What you’ll need

To complete this form, please be prepared to respond on the following:

  • Details on person designated and responsible for development, implementation and monitoring of isolation plan
  • Detailed contact information for company, workers, destination workplace, supervisor at designation workplace, accommodations, etc.
  • Dates for entry, departure, start of work, expected end of work, and return.
  • Point of origin and entry point to New Brunswick
  • Details on how workers will receive essential goods, such as food, laundry cleaning, during the travel period without contact with New Brunswickers.
  • Details on travel (how, with whom, fuelling, disinfection of vehicles, etc.)
  • Details on accommodations if worker must stay overnight, including address, who will supervise isolation, etc.
  • Description of work to be performed, and how worker will be isolated from others when conducting that work
  • Details on active screening over 14 days
  • Details on how you’ve communicated requirements to workers and their compliance
Submit the isolation elements at least 15 business days before worker(s) arrive in New Brunswick. This plan must be approved by WorkSafeNB before the worker(s) enter the province. If the worker(s) arrive before a plan is approved, they will be ordered to self-isolate for 14 days by the Department of Public Safety.

Enterprise-level plans

Employers can choose to provide an enterprise/corporate-level isolation plan. It must name the person responsible for the plan and the measures in place for all workers entering the province. The individual designated to manage isolation elements and travel must maintain manifests and schedules for workers entering the province and provide the documentation to individual workers for presentation at the provincial entry point. Please indicate your intention for an enterprise-level plan at the beginning of the form.


Individual trip plans are in effect for the dates noted in each plan. Enterprise-level plans are in effect for up to six months from date of approval and can be renewed upon resubmission to WorkSafeNB for up to an additional six months. Apply for renewal by email: Please review your previously submitted form to ensure all inforamation is up-to-date before applying for renewal.


The Department of Public Safety determines whether entry is authorized at the border entry point. For more information on border travel, please contact 1 844 462-8387 or visit the Government of New Brunswick website.

International considerations

Workers entering from international locations are subject to the Federal Quarantine Act. Please contact the Canadian Border Services Agency to obtain the requirements. 

Safety measures for out-of-province workers

The following frequently asked questions pertain to workers entering New Brunswick for work purposes from outside the Atlantic provinces.  Isolation elements of the COVID-19 operational plan must be submitted and approved by WorkSafeNB before the workers enter the province.


If you have any questions related to the isolation elements or the COVID-19 operational plan, in general, please email or call toll-free 1 800 999-9775. 




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