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Updated – WorkSafeNB decreases 2014 employer assessment rates2013-11-29
Students hear inspirational workplace safety message2013-11-25
Two New Brunswick companies applauded for impressive workplace health and safety practices2013-11-08
WorkSafeNB Decreases 2014 Employer Assessment Rate2013-10-22
WorkSafeNB's Rehabilitation Centre Awarded Highest Level of Accreditation2013-10-04
WorkSafeNB invites public to pay tribute on national day of mourning2013-04-24
WorkSafeNB's 2012 Annual Report showcases stability2013-04-05
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality in Kedgwick River2013-01-17
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality in Moncton2012-12-18
WorkSafeNB announces 2013 assessment rates2012-10-18
Companies recognized at Annual Health and Safety Conference2012-09-27
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality in Grand Falls – David St-Amand2012-08-13
WorkSafeNB investigates workplace fatality – Herve Bernard2012-06-12
Maritime worker compensation boards fund Dalhousie University occupational medicine2012-05-16
Day of Mourning remembers workers killed and injured on the job2012-04-23
WorkSafeNB investigates workplace fatality – Luc St-Onge2012-04-10
WorkSafeNB Releases 2011 Annual Report2012-03-30
New President and CEO Appointed to WorkSafeNB2012-02-08
Two New Members Appointed to WorkSafeNB Board of Directors2012-01-12
Charges laid against Wal-Mart and supervisor in death of young worker2011-12-06
Workplace fatality results in charges laid against Dominion Refuse2011-12-06
WorkSafeNB recognizes companies at Annual Health and Safety Conference2011-10-14
One killed, two injured in workplace accident – Maurice Roussel2011-10-05
WorkSafeNB announces 2012 assessment rates2011-10-05
Heat Stress Can Kill – Learn to Recognize the Signs!2011-07-19
WorkSafeNB promotes NAOSH week2011-04-29
Monument unveiled to honour fallen workers on Day of Mourning2011-04-26
WorkSafeNB's 2010 Annual Report highlights positive results2011-03-31
Man dies while diving for sea urchin – Vance Pendleton 2011-03-10
WorkSafeNB named finalist in leadership awards2011-01-12
Teenager killed in workplace accident – Patrick Desjardins2011-01-06
WorkSafeNB investigates workplace fatality – Tony Grant2010-12-22
Amendments to fall protection legislation will improve safety2010-12-20
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Leonard Allan Deveau2010-12-10
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Adam Wade Harris2010-12-03
Northeastern Conference targets Municipalities2010-11-25
Sharon Tucker appointed as chair of WorkSafeNB2010-11-19
WorkSafeNB Targets Operators of Powered Mobile Equipment in New Seatbelt Campaign2010-11-15
Serious workplace injury results in loss of limb for Sussex man – Steve Lesson2010-11-05
WorkSafeNB announces 2011 assessment rates2010-10-29
WorkSafeNB recognizes companies at Annual Health and Safety Conference2010-10-20
Lost Youth Tour adds francophone speaker to lineup2010-10-04
WorkSafeNB Releases 2009 Report to Stakeholders2010-07-27
WorkSafeNB investigates workplace fatality – Mike Holmes2010-07-16
Heat stress can kill! WorkSafeNB reminds those working in the heat to take precautions2010-07-08
WorkSafeNB investigates workplace fatality – Robert Gagnon2010-04-28
Day of Mourning remembers workers killed and injured on the job2010-04-27
Accident at WorkSafeNB under investigation – Andy Myenhuis2010-04-19
WorkSafeNB Releases 2009 Annual Report2010-04-01
WorkSafeNB Promotes Farm Safety Guide2010-03-17
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Jonathan Savoie2009-11-05
WorkSafeNB and Metro Health Services Inc. combine resources to improve services2009-10-22
WorkSafeNB Chair to explain why Safety Makes $ense2009-10-05
Northern Sea Farm Worker Killed – Burton Large2009-10-01
Heat Stress Can Kill! WorkSafeNB reminds those working in the heat to take precautions2009-07-13
WorkSafeNB responds to MLA's allegations2009-07-10
WorkSafeNB investigates workplace fatality – Garry Brooks2009-06-12
WorkSafeNB Launches MSI Video2009-06-03
WorkSafeNB Physiotherapists recognized for promoting profession2009-05-29
Day of Mourning remembers workers killed and injured on the job2009-04-24
Fewer New Brunswickers View Workplace Injuries as Inevitable2009-04-03
WorkSafeNB releases 2008 Annual Report2009-04-01
Worker killed in fall – Allan Wilson2009-01-08
Registration campaign ensures fairness for New Brunswick businesses and protection for workers2008-12-10
Saint John man crushed by car – Darrell Geldart2008-11-19
WorkSafeNB announces 2009 assessment rates2008-11-12
Summerville man dies on the job – Kirk McGeachy2008-11-05
WorkSafeNB conveys land to Nature Trust of New Brunswick2008-10-24
Companies recognized at Annual Health and Safety Conference2008-10-17
Canadian Standards Association (CSA), launches new electronic access to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) standards2008-10-01
WorkSafeNB Presents 28th Annual H & S Conference2008-09-25
WorkSafeNB Investigates fatality in Port Elgin – Joe Sweeney 2008-09-22
WorkSafeNB Investigates death of logger – Stanley English2008-09-11
WorkSafeNB releases 2007 Stakeholders Report2008-09-02
WorkSafeNB investigates fatal accident in Long Reach – Richard Lively2008-06-26
Day of Mourning remembers workers who suffered workplace injuries, illness or death2008-06-25
Independent Review Panel Report Released2008-06-04
WorkSafeNB releases 2007 Annual Report2008-03-31
WorkSafeNB investigates fatal fall in Caraquet – Jean Guy Lanteigne2008-02-13
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality at Canaport LNG site – Omer Allain2008-01-31
WorkSafeNB urges New Brunswickers to use snow sense2007-12-14
WorkSafeNB mourns death of board member – John Mahar2007-11-29
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality near St. Léonard – Martin St. Onge2007-11-29
WorkSafeNB Recognizes companies at annual health and safety conference 2007-10-23
WorkSafeNB Recognizes NBFISA at annual health and safety conference2007-10-23
Duncan Hawthorne, Mario Possamai to speak at WorkSafeNB conference2007-10-10
WorkSafeNB announces rate reduction for 3rd consecutive year2007-10-05
WorkSafeNB to host first ever English language Progressive Agriculture Safety Days in Atlantic Canada2007-09-04
WorkSafeNB honours potato growers2007-08-04
Stakeholder Report released One worker killed, three others injured2007-07-19
One worker killed, three others injured2007-06-28
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality in Aroostook – Sterling Sturgeon2007-06-08
WorkSafeNB hosts Progressive Agriculture Safety Day in St-Léonard2007-05-29
The WorkSafeNB Marks 2007 National Day of Mourning2007-04-24
WorkSafeNB launches vibrant new youth campaign2007-03-19
New Publications Released on Workplace Accommodation and Return to Work2006-12-20
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Paul Crocker2006-12-14
First woman WorkSafeNB chair appointed2006-12-06
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Robert MacKay2006-12-04
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Eric Labrie2006-11-20
WorkSafeNB announces reduced assessment rate for third consecutive year2006-11-05
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – François St. Pierre2006-10-18
WorkSafeNB H and S Conference addresses pandemic planning2006-10-10
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Lucien Sonier 2006-09-13
WorkSafeNB releases 2005 Report to Stakeholders2006-07-25
Carpenter killed at worksite – Kirk Gould2006-06-20
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Georges Martin 2006-05-31
WorkSafeNB investigates serious accident at JDI sawmill2006-04-18
WorkSafeNB asks union to respect designates2006-02-03
WorkSafeNB commits to continued service in the event of a strike2006-01-27
First recipients of workplace safety video contest announced2006-01-19
WorkSafeNB announces 2006 workshops2006-01-10
WHSCC recognizes the NBCSA at Annual Health and Safety Conference2005-10-27
WorkSafeNB recognizes the NBCSA at annual Health and Safety Conference2005-10-27
WorkSafeNB recognizes businesses at annual Health and Safety Conference2005-10-27
WorkSafeNB Health and Safety Conference celebrates 25th anniversary2005-10-14
WorkSafeNB investigates youth fatality in Petit-Cap – Raymond LeBlanc2005-08-23
WorkSafeNB launches Health and Safety Guide designed for small businesses2005-08-18
Murder-suicide victims not on WorkSafeNB benefits2005-08-15
WorkSafeNB investigates forestry fatality near Deersdale – Benoît Desjardins2005-07-28
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Barry Wilson2005-06-20
WorkSafeNB investigates fatality – Cleo Landry2005-06-13
Day of Mourning remembers workers who suffered workplace injuries, illness or death2005-04-26
WorkSafeNB releases 2004 Annual Report: A good news story2005-04-07
WorkSafeNB to Publish Accident Reports2005-03-04
WorkSafeNB responds to NB Federation of Labour's call for inquiry2005-02-18
WorkSafeNB announces rate reduction for 20062005-01-03


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