At the request of the Minister of Post- Secondary Education, Training and Labour, a Ministerial Task Force was appointed in May 2017 to review WorkSafeNB and provide recommendations to government focused on identifying short-term solutions to increasing costs and establish a path forward that ensures the workers’ compensation system is transparent, accountable and sustainable in the longterm.

The Task Force, comprised of worker and employer representatives, hosted a series of consultations throughout the province to hear from various stakeholders. The Task Force released their report comprised of 28 recommendations in July 2018.

In 2017, at the request of the Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour, the Auditor General initiated a value-for-money audit of WorkSafeNB. The Auditor General and their team worked over the better part of 2018, reviewing WorkSafeNB documents, policies and processes, working with WorkSafeNB staff at all levels, the Department of Post- Secondary Education, Training and Labour, and conducting interviews with various stakeholders including WorkSafeNB clients. The results of this thorough audit were released in two phases and included a series of recommendations for WorkSafeNB.


All recommendations put forward by the Ministerial Task Force and the Auditor General work to support one another and align with our strategic plan for 2019-21.



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