Antiquated Equipment Can Kill Hazard Alert

Topic: Antiquated Equipment Can Kill
Date Issued: February 1, 2003 Date Revised: January 26, 2018

A New Brunswick worker died when his clothing became entangled in a shaft he was turning on a lathe. WorkSafeNB's investigation revealed that the lathe was an older model that had been modified over the years and lacked the safety features of more modern lathes.

Recommended Preventive Action

  • Before acquiring older equipment, ensure it can be safely operated.
  • Compare the older model equipment with today’s technology. All safety devices that can be retrofitted to older equipment should be installed.
  • Controls should be relocated away from hazardous areas and an emergency stopping system installed.
  • Safeguards should be installed to prevent contact with revolving parts and materials.
  • Older equipment may require a more rigorous maintenance and inspection schedule than newer equipment.
  • Operators must be instructed in the safe operation of equipment.
  • When antiquated equipment is sold, the purchaser should be fully informed of the modifications and hazards associated with the equipment.

In New Brunswick workplaces, all machines must comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulation 91-191, Part XVI – Mechanical Safety, sections 235-261, regardless of their age.


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