Safe Parking Procedures Prevent Accidents Hazard Alert

Topic: Safe Parking Procedures Prevent Accidents
Date Issued: July 22, 2016 Date Revised:

A tractor-trailer operator was severely injured when he was struck by an off-road rock hauler truck. The truck was left unattended on a ramp without wheel chocks. The truck rolled approximately 23 metres down the ramp before striking the tractor-trailer operator.

Employers must advise employees of hazards associated with their job [Paragraph 9(2)(b) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act], and, under section 12 of the Act, employees must ensure safe conduct. Operators are required to park on level ground and set the brake when leaving the vehicle unattended [Subsection 230.4(2) of General Regulation 91-191]. See other preventive measures below.

Recommended Preventive Action

  • Know the features and how to safely operate the vehicle.
  • Be attentive when operating the vehicle.
  • Conduct regular pre-use inspections.
  • Report hazards immediately and ensure required maintenance.

When parking, always:

  • Position the vehicle parallel to the edge of the ditch, depression or slope.
  • Set the hand or park brake before leaving the vehicle.
  • Turn off the vehicle, whenever possible.
  • In some situations, you may need to chock the wheels to prevent any movement.
  • Set up safety cones to mark the work area.

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