After extensive consultation with stakeholders and the medical community, WorkSafeNB approved Policy 25-015 - Medical Aid – Cannabis (Marijuana) for Medical Purposes on April 4, 2018. In doing so, WorkSafeNB became the first workers' compensation board in Canada to approve a specialized framework for medical cannabis. 

Information for health care professionals

WorkSafeNB generally doesn’t approve medical cannabis as medical aid. However, it may be approved to treat a compensable injury or disease in the following situations:

  • Symptoms encountered in palliative/end of life care setting;
  • Nausea and vomiting while receiving chemotherapy as part of treatment for cancer;
  • Loss of appetite due to treatments for cancer or AIDS;
  • Spasm and spasticity due to central nervous system injury; and
  • Chronic neuropathic pain.

Medicinal cannabis may also be considered for harm reduction when the injured worker’s dosage of opioids is over the maximum daily limit recommended in WorkSafeNB’s Policy 25-012 Medical Aid – Opioids.



5 things you need to know about our new medicinal cannabis policy

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