More help for workers with psychological injuries

New Brunswick psychologists are critical partners, helping New Brunswick’s injured workers receive effective psychological assessment and treatment.

Improved reporting for improved services

WorkSafeNB is committed to superior service, and this means appropriate and timely care to workers. To help ensure such service, WorkSafeNB has created a new Initial Psychology Assessment Report (IPAR), Psychology Progress Report (PPR) and Psychology Discharge Report (PDR).

Over the last 10 years, there have been significant changes in diagnostic criteria, the development of new empirically supported treatments and changes to the Worker’s Compensation Act. These new forms support these changes. It keeps reports succinct and relevant to the injury – identifying critical information that meets the needs of workers, psychologists, employers and case managers.

The forms were developed in consultation with psychologists from across New Brunswick.


You can now provide more information on functional abilities to help workers stay safely connected to their workplace. Evidence supports the positive link between work and health (physical, mental and social health). Absence from work contributes to declining health, slower recovery times and longer duration of disability. In essence, work is good. Very good. Let's try to keep workers safely working.


All three forms have a checklist-style format. We've decreased narrative-style responses to ensure we get the information we need easily at each stage of recovery. In addition, the forms are available in fillable Word and PDF formats. These styles, as well as promotion of digital filing through MyServices, will further increase speed and response time to better serve workers and employers.

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We want to partner with you, sharing our expertise and support for return-to-work options. Each form has a prompt offering you a follow-up phone call or email from the worker's claim manager or a WorkSafeNB psychology consultant. 

In addition, a new dedicated email address box filters questions that specifically support workers with psychological injuries.

Use the Word format option for increased flexibility. The box sizes will adjust for the amount of text you enter. If you have any questions, please call 1 800 999-9775.


Initial Psychology Assessment Report (IPAR)

The Initial Psychological Assessment Report (IPAR) asks for information necessary to make a decision on a claim. WorkSafeNB must determine whether the worker’s injury meets requirements for acceptance under the Workers’ Compensation Act. 

See detailed instructions.



Psychology Progress Report (PPR)

The Psychology Progress Report (PPR) asks for information necessary to help us understand the worker’s recovery, accommodation options and more. This helps us review progress and opportunities for additional support.



Psychology Discharge Report (PDR)

The Psychology Discharge Report (PDR) asks for information necessary to close a course of treatment. It helps us understand the outcomes of that treatment and review overall improvement and possible need for additional support. 


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