Abrasive wheels and grinders Legislative Interpretations

Topic: Abrasive wheels and grinders Issued by: Director Chief Compliance Office
Statute: General Regulation 91-191 Date Issued: May 1, 2013
Section: 244 Date Revised:


244 (1) An employer shall ensure that the maximum number of revolutions per minute
  (a) of an abrasive wheel, as recommended for safe use in the manufacturer’s specifications, is identified on the wheel, and
  (b) of a grinder output shaft is identified on the grinder.
244 (2) An employer shall ensure that an abrasive wheel is
  (a) checked for flaws before installation,
  (b) fitted with a protective hood of sufficient strength to contain fragments of ruptured wheels, and
  (c) mounted in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

244(3) An employer shall ensure that a tool rest is mounted on a bench grinder as close as is safely possible to the abrasive wheel.

244(4) Before applying any work to an abrasive wheel, an employee shall run the wheel at full operating speed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.


244 (5) An employee shall not
  (a) operate an abrasive wheel at a speed in excess of the speed set out in the manufacturer’s specifications,
  (b) do grinding on the side of an abrasive wheel unless the wheel has been designed for that purpose, or
  (c) adjust a tool rest while the abrasive wheel is in motion.


Our employees are required to use hand-held (portable) grinders on a regular basis. I understand the provisions of sections 83-85 (Portable Power-Operated Hand Tools) must be complied with, but is there also a requirement to comply with section 244?


In reviewing section 244, you will note that the regulation is silent as to whether the provisions outlined are limited to bench-mounted grinders, except for subsection 244(3). As a result, except for subsection 244(3) and paragraph 244(5)(c) regarding the adjustment of tool rest, the provisions of section 244 apply to portable grinders.



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