Suspended loads Legislative Interpretations

Topic: Suspended loads Issued by: Chief Compliance Officer
Statute: General Regulation 91-191 Date Issued: October 25, 2022
Section: 211(2)(e) and 211.1 Date Revised: August 18, 2023


Do paragraphs 211(2)(e) and 211.1 of General Regulation 91-191 allow employees to have their hands under a suspended load for short periods of time? Examples would include placing blocks under the load or making some connections of the suspended load to another component or structure (for example, to bolt-in a transformer on a telephone pole).


CSA Z150, Safety Code on Mobile Cranes provides some clarification on the matter. Section states that, if possible, no person shall be permitted to be beneath the load. Similar language can be found in CSA Z248, Code on Tower Cranes. Although other standards referenced in legislation for hoisting apparatuses are silent on the matter, WorkSafeNB uses the language from CSA Z150 and Z248 to interpret paragraph 211(2)(e) of General Regulation 91-191.

If the task cannot be completed without employees reaching underneath a suspended load, the employer must:

  • Assign a competent person to monitor the work.
  • Ensure all employees are familiar with the work.
  • Limit the amount of time spent under a suspended load as much as possible.
  • Notify WorkSafeNB when work under a suspended load is planned.

WorkSafeNB can be reached at 1 800 999-9775, or WorkSafeNB may dispatch a health and safety officer to inspect the work.

Referenced legislation      

211(2)(e) An operator of a hoisting apparatus shall not carry a load over any person.

211.1 No employee shall be under a load suspended by a hoisting apparatus.


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