Clothing and Footwear Fee Schedule Fee Schedule 29-557 | Effective Date: January 1, 2024


Policy 25-008 Clothing and Footwear


  1. WorkSafeNB offsets the cost of replacing clothing or footwear damaged during a compensable injury and/or treatment of the injury. For 2024, WorkSafeNB can reimburse up to a maximum of: 
    • Boots  $272.15
    • Shoes $153.81
    • Pants  $93.82
    • Coat & Jacket  $155.29
    • Shirt  $63.05
    • Sweater  $76.92
    • Underwear  $21.56
    • Skirt or Dress  $93.82
    • Gloves  $21.56
    • Coveralls  $124.54
    • T-shirts  $21.56
    • Long underwear  $32.87
    • Other items like specialized clothing are replaced at cost and receipts are required
  1. WorkSafeNB provides rehabilitative footwear at cost when prescribed by a licensed health care provider for the treatment of a compensable injury. Prescribed footwear may include custom-made or modified footwear.
  1. WorkSafeNB provides reimbursement to an annual maximum of $499.79 to offset the cost of replacing damaged clothing from wearing a prosthesis or orthosis or using a wheelchair provided for a compensable workplace injury. WorkSafeNB may reimburse up to $999.58, annually, when an injured worker has multiple amputations.
  1. WorkSafeNB requires receipts to reimburse any and all clothing or footwear costs.


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