Home Care Fee Schedule Fee Schedule 29-550 | Effective Date: January 1, 2021


Policy 25-003 Home Care and Independence 

Rates / Fees

  1. WorkSafeNB has authority to provide workers with home care services to assist with recovery, return to work, and activities of daily living.
  1. WorkSafeNB assesses a worker’s need for specific home care services and provides these services through:
    • Professional health care providers;
    • Contracted homemaker services;
    • Informal caregivers; or
    • Any combination of the above.
  1. WorkSafeNB pays the agency or professional rate directly to the provider for nursing, homemaking, or other professional health care services.
  1. When an informal caregiver provides home care, WorkSafeNB provides reimbursement to a maximum based on the level of care as outlined below WorkSafeNB requires receipts, with the informal caregiver’s Social Insurance Number, to provide reimbursements

Care Allowance Levels for 2021

Level 1 - $86.96/month
Level 2 - $173.89/month
Level 3 - $347.79/month
Level 4 - $626.77/month
Level 5 - $824.71/month
Level 6 - $1,154.59/month
Level 7 - $1,979.30/month 


WorkSafeNB – means the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission or "the Commission" as defined by the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission and Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal Act.

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