COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

New! State of emergency reinstated

The provincial government is reminding New Brunswickers that based on the current level of COVID-19 hospitalizations, a state of emergency has been reinstated and a mandatory order is now in effect. It includes new measures to limit contacts, ensure physical distancing is maintained, and require certain businesses and events to have a vaccination or masking-and-testing workplace policy. Additional details are available online.

Regulations introduced to increase vaccination rates and slow the spread of COVID-19

People will need to show proof of vaccination whenever they access certain services, businesses and events. View the full list from Public Health and the Government of New Brunswick.

Individuals who are unable to receive a vaccine due to a medical exemption will be required to show proof. Businesses will have access to materials such as posters to inform their patrons about the new regulations. Business owners with questions about the rules may contact the Business Navigators at 1-833-799-7966 or

Where you will need proof of vaccination infographic.

Communicable Disease Prevention

While a COVID-19 operational plan is no longer required, we strongly recommend employers develop a communicable disease prevention plan. COVID-19 is not going away. It will continue to circulate, as will other communicable diseases such as seasonal influenza, H1N1 and norovirus. COVID-19 variants also remain a threat. As an employer, you must take every reasonable precaution to keep your workplace healthy and safe.

Learn about required and recommended measures to prevent communicable disease in your workplace.  

Workers' compensation 

Workers’ compensation is available for a work-related injury or illness and is not provided for workers who withdraw from work for preventive reasons. Claims submitted for a COVID-19 virus infection contracted through a work-related exposure are adjudicated on a case-by-case basis. For a claim to be accepted, evidence must show that the infection arose out of and in the course of employment and the risk of contracting the disease through the employment is greater than the risk associated with contracting it through day-to-day living. Learn more about the application of benefits. Policy 21-109 Conditions for Entitlement – Infectious Diseases 

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