Communicable disease prevention

While the COVID-19 virus is now managed primarily through vaccination, like other communicable diseases, it may still circulate. As an employer, you must take every reasonable precaution to keep your workplace healthy and safe.


  • Watch for and be prepared for elevated risk. The level of risk of certain communicable diseases, including COVID-19, may elevate from time to time or on a seasonal basis. This may occur at a local or regional level or within a workplace. In these cases, employers will be advised by Public Health of the measures they need to take to manage the risk.
  • We strongly encourage you develop a communicable disease prevention plan. Consider your risk factors. We recommend you keep some of your COVID-19 operational plan protocols, especially those that do not negatively impact operations. This may include barriers already erected or directional signage to reduce points of congestion. Other protective measures include:
    • Hand hygiene facilities or sanitizer available
    • Self-monitoring by workers for symptoms
    • Encouraging vaccination for vaccine-preventable diseases
    • Cleaning and disinfection of the workplace
    • Reminders to cover coughs and sneezes appropriately
    • Travel precautions

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