News Release More return-to-work help for small businesses

October 7, 2019

Interactive tools will help New Brunswick employers navigate the return-to-work and disability prevention process.

Work is good – for employers, employees and our province as a whole. For injured workers, it’s especially valuable. Work keeps them productive and connected to others. Work helps them heal.

New Brunswick is made up largely of small-to-medium sized employers. In fact, 92% of our province’s employers have fewer than 20 employees. For such employers, workplace injuries and illnesses happen few and far in between. While this is good news in itself, most employers do not have the tools and resources in place to act quickly when an injury happens. So we’re here to help.

Our WorkSafeNB Working to Well – Employer’s Guide to Return to Work and Disability Prevention helps employers manoeuvre the return-to-work (RTW) process. This guide helps you develop a workplace that supports work as part of injury and illness recovery – before a workplace injury happens.

Working to Well will help you achieve both quick wins and long-term objectives related to return to work, including:

  • ensuring your employee has safe, flexible and meaningful work options, and;
  • making an effective RTW work offer and plan.You’ll learn about policies, procedures, promotion and education.  

You’ll have tools for performing a job task analysis and templates for communication logs, monitoring and evaluation. In total, our Working to Well Employer Toolkit has a combined 15 templates and guide sheets.

In addition, there’s a Working to Well Employer’s Quick Guide to Return to Work. This contains our more popular tools for early and safe return to work. These are ideal for employers who could use immediate support to get their worker off to an excellent recovery start.

Effective recovery takes teamwork, and WorkSafeNB is here to help everyone succeed. It’s all about working together to protect New Brunswickers from the physical, emotional and financial impact of workplace injury.  

We are committed to helping you support a safe return to work following a workplace injury. We’re commitment to achieving effective recovery.

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