Announcement Watch out for misleading sales tactics

December 7, 2023

Buyer Beware!

WorkSafeNB has been alerted to a number of new aggressive or misleading sales tactics from firms advertising specific services and/or directly contacting New Brunswick employers with the suggestion they are non-compliant with provincial Occupational Health and Safety laws.

The representatives push unneeded goods and services. These firms may use the WorkSafeNB or Government of New Brunswick logo without permission.

Examples could include selling mandatory workplace infection training.

Like all health and safety efforts, employers must ensure employees are aware of your communicable disease prevention measures, but WorkSafeNB does not require mandatory training for communicable disease prevention.  While you may choose to take this sort of training you are under no obligation to do so.

 Other examples may include services to develop policies that are not required but claiming they are mandatory, such as sexual harassment policies. Sexual harassment must be addressed as part of your workplace harassment policy, but WorkSafeNB does not require a separate sexual harassment policy.

 WorkSafeNB reminds New Brunswickers that we have no affiliation with such firms. If a workplace must provide training, a WorkSafeNB officer, with official identification, will visit the workplace and address the issue in person.

As an employer, you should be cautious when purchasing or using any services that claim to be compliant with New Brunswick’s occupational health and safety laws. Examples of products or services include health and safety program manuals, templates for procedures, and training., It’s up to you to verify these meet provincial requirements.

WorkSafeNB officers and health and safety consultants are happy to help if you have questions about NB OHS laws and your obligations.

If you have any questions about training, WorkSafeNB offers free consultations services. If you need help, email or fill out this form to request our services at Free health and safety consulting services

Follow WorkSafeNB on social media for more information about healthy and safe workplaces.

Thank you for helping to make New Brunswick the safest place to work.

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