WorkSafeNB posts all public solicitations for goods and/or services on Service New Brunswick’s (SNB’s) web based e-tendering system called The New Brunswick Opportunities Network (NBON).  Any interested vendor or service providers are urged to register, free of charge, with NBON to gain access to WorkSafeNB and other government procurement opportunities.  This registration process can take 2 approximately weeks.

NBON contact coordinates

Toll Free – 1-800-561-1422

Email –

Companies who register on NBON will be required to select the various goods and services commodity categories which best align to their respective business offerings.

When WorkSafeNB posts procurement notifications on NBON those opportunities are aligned to the associated goods and/ or services commodity categories which registered vendors shall receive notification. 

What is a Notice of Planned Procurement (NPP) versus a posting notice?

Prior to an official active solicitation posting, WorkSafeNB may post an advanced notification called Notice of Planned Procurement (NPP).

This is a notice that WorkSafeNB intends to post an open opportunity.  The notice will provide some basic and preliminary information as to the planned procurement.

This notice is posted on NBON and may be posted on WorkSafeNB’s website. 

How can I offer a proposal to WorkSafeNB, which is not associated with an opportunity posting?

As a public sector entity WorkSafeNB, is subject to adherence to the NB Procurement Act and various regulations.  We post and engage the market publically and are generally not interested in unsolicited proposals outside this official process.  Any parties who wish to provide WorkSafeNB with an unsolicited proposal must do so only to WorkSafeNB’s Procurement Authority and do so with the understanding that unsolicited proposals cannot be held as confidential.  WorkSafeNB is subject to access and disclosure regulations and any unsolicited proposal submitted and received by WorkSafeNB may be disclosed.

Any further procurement questions can be addressed to WorkSafeNB’s Procurement Authority Contact – Paulette Stoddard, SCMP at 506 650 7351 or via email at

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