Strategic plan

WorkSafeNB exists in a shifting environment that presents the organization with significant changes and challenges. Some of today's most pressing issues are increasing claim costs and duration along with the corresponding increase in employer premiums. These financial challenges are accentuated by New Brunswick’s economic and social environment including an aging workforce, rising health care costs and a stalling economy.

This 2017-2019 Strategic Plan was developed, by not only considering these known economic and social challenges, but also anticipating additional significant system changes. Changes are expected to result from several government reviews of the workers' compensation system. First and foremost is the ongoing multi-phase review of New Brunswick's workers' compensation legislation. Furthermore, the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) has established a task force to examine the system and, finally, the Office of the Auditor General is conducting a value-for-money audit.

Given the transformational change currently underway, WorkSafeNB has set a strategic direction to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s needs, resulting in a system that is fair, balanced, stable and sustainable in a changing environment.

2019-2021 Strategic Plan and Risk Assessment

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