JHSC training and certificates

Becoming a JHSC member is a commitment to helping keep your workplace healthy and safe. As part of that commitment, members must complete a WorkSafeNB-approved educational training program.

Workplaces can choose to offer in-house training or hire an approved training provider. 


Yes. Every person who is designated to serve on a JHSC in a fixed workplace must complete the Joint Health and Safety Committee and Health and Safety Representative Educational Program within 12 months of becoming a member. 

Anyone designated to serve on a JHSC for a project site must complete the program before becoming a member.

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The employer is responsible to pay for JHSC training.

You will need to contact your JHSC training provider. If the provider is WorkSafeNB, please email prevention@ws-ts.nb.ca. For training records or certificates issued by external training providers, including employers, please contact them directly. 

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