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Workshops (general)

To register for a workshop, please visit the WorkSafeNB workshop web page and select a workshop category and region.  Double click on desired workshop and provide the required information. Select Register to submit your registration request. You will receive an email from WorkSafeNB once your registration is reviewed and confirmed.


At this time our online registration system only allows individual registrations, not group registrations. For each new participant a new registration request must be submitted. If you are registering multiple individuals online, a unique email address will be required for each registration. If you do not have all participants’ emails to complete the registrations, please contact us to register them manually at or by calling 1 800 999-9775.

If you have registered other participants for workshops in the past, their name may be assigned to your email address. You will need to contact us at or by calling 1 800 999-9775 so we can manually complete your registration.

To check on the status of your workshop, please visit the workshop status portal and select the workshop you are attending and region where you will be attending. If any courses are cancelled they will appear in red.

We recommend you check the status of your workshop the morning of the event in case there is a last minute cancellation due to weather or uncontrollable circumstances.


In the event that a workshop is cancelled, registered participants will be contacted during regular working hours and given the details of the next available workshops.

Please bring a pen or pencil and notepad.   

You are welcome to bring snacks and a lunch as these items are not provided. Coffee, tea and water will be provided during breaks.

There is no cost to you. WorkSafeNB and its services are funded by New Brunswick employers.

For JHSC workshops, your employer must pay your regular rate of pay and any benefits you’d normally be entitled to while participating in the workshop (Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act). 

As for other workshops, meals, parking, travel and accommodations, the OHS Act does not state for your employer to pay these costs.  We recommend you discuss these additional expenses with your employer. 

WorkSafeNB promotes a scent-reduced environment at its workshops. We can’t guarantee, however, there will be no scents that could trigger allergies.

Yes, we keep waiting list. By registering for a full workshop, you will automatically be placed on a waiting list.

No, participant guides are only available when you attend.

Yes, these workshops are available to anyone.

If you are participating as part of employment (your employer approved your attendance), this would be considered a normal working day, and you would be covered by the WC Act.

Please discuss this concern with your WorkSafeNB education consultant. You may need additional training.

Contact the regional WorkSafeNB office and let us know. Some workshops have a waiting list, and we appreciate your notice.


We do not charge cancellation fees.  However, although our workshops are provided free of charge, there are costs associated with them that are covered by WorkSafeNB, which is funded by employers.  We take great care to efficiently manage all our activities, including prevention, compliance and compensation initiatives. To help us do this we ask you to provide at least one week’s notice if – for any reason – one of your employees can’t attend. This will allow others to participate, as there is often a waiting list.

Yes, but please advise us of the change before the training or advise the education consultant upon arrival at the workshop.

This is possible. Your employer will need to contact a WorkSafeNB regional office and make the request. If accepted, your employer must provide a suitable location and supplies, if required.

The current OHS Act does not require re-certification. You may wish to refresh or update your knowledge at your discretion, however. 

Joint Health and Safety Committee Workshops

If your committee has a terms of reference (a document that outlines your committee functions), please bring a copy for the JHSC workshop  

You won’t need to take a test, but a review at the end of the JHSC workshop will help ensure you understand the information. Education consultants, at their discretion, may assign homework.  

You must attend the three days consecutively. In emergency situations, please discuss options with your WorkSafeNB education consultant. Day 1 must always be completed first. 

No, you must take the course over three consecutive days. Again, exceptions may be made for emergencies. 

Acts and regulations differ from province to province. You’ll need specific training for New Brunswick workplaces.

Only WorkSafeNB is authorized to provide the three-day JHSC training in New Brunswick. Your employer may have an internal staff member who has successfully completed the WorkSafeNB JHSC trainer recognition program. In this case, you may be trained by this person.

If, as an alternate, you participate in the committee, we strongly recommend you attend JHSC training. 

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