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WorkSafeNB determines employers’ assessment rates annually. Several factors influence rates, such as WorkSafeNB’s current financial obligations, the prevailing economic environment, the cost of health care services, claims adjudication and benefit policies and practices, legislation, injury frequency and severity, workplace prevention and return to work initiatives, as well as the changes in the nature of workplace activity in the province.

  • How assessment rates are set


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Payment options:

1. At ServiceNB

In person, by phone using a credit card (1 888 762-8600), or online ( 

2. Online banking

Use WorkSafeNB as your payee (include your account #) 

3. By mail

Write your account # on the cheque. You can send your payment by mail to:

Assessment Services Department
1 Portland Street, P.O. Box 160
Saint John, N.B. E2L 3X9 

4. In person

By cheque at one of the following WorkSafeNB offices  Bathurst, Dieppe, Grand Falls, Saint John.    

5. Monthly pre-authorized debit

You can sign up for our monthly assessment on actual payroll program to set up monthly installments.



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