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*March 20, 2020 – As we face the global pandemic of COVID-19, WorkSafeNB defers premium payments for three months (with Q&A)

WorkSafeNB is committed to providing you with convenient and reliable ways to do business with us. That’s why we offer a program for monthly reporting and payments of your assessment premiums. You can also pay bi-annually or annually, whatever works for you!

How can I pay my premium?

The Monthly Assessments on Actual Payroll (MAAP) program provides employers the option of monthly reporting and monthly payments. The online program can help employers improve cash flow and reduce risks associated with underestimating assessable earnings.

Here’s how the program works:

  • The employer files an electronic statement of their actual payroll by the 15th of the following month.
  • WorkSafeNB returns a statement of account to the employer.
  • The employer has three business days to review and verify the statement.
  • The assessed amount is deducted from the bank account of the employer’s choice.

Employers whose account is in good standing can participate in the MAAP program. Participation would begin at the start of the year, or at the start of operation for newly registered employers. Annually assessed employers usually cannot switch mid-year. To learn more about the MAAP program, or to request password access to the website, please contact Assessment Services 1-800 999-9775 (option 4).

The total assessment notice(s) plus any carry-forward balance may be paid in full within 30 days of the billing date of the assessment notice. Interest will not be levied if the full payment is received by this date.

The total assessment notice(s) plus any carry-forward balance may be paid in two installments.

First installment is due within 30 days of the billing date, and includes:

  • 100% of any previous outstanding balance
  • 100% of the 2018 adjustments
  • 50% of the 2019 assessment

Second installment is due no later than August 31, of current year, and includes the remaining 50% of the 2019 assessment balance (plus accumulated interest). Interest will be levied on a monthly basis on the unpaid outstanding assessments based on the applicable interest rate at that time.

Note: The full balance will become due and payable if the first payment required under this option is not made as scheduled. In such cases, WorkSafeNB will immediately take appropriate action to collect the full outstanding balance. This option is not available to an employer who has ceased operations or has not renewed an application for voluntary coverage. In such cases, payment is due upon receipt of the assessment notice.

WorkSafeNB offers the following payment options:

  • Monthly pre-authorized debit from your bank account by enrolling in our Monthly Assessment on Actual Payroll (MAAP) program.

  • Online banking using WorkSafeNB as your payee and your employer number as your account number.

  • At Service New Brunswick:
  • By mail (indicate your employer number on the cheque). Send to:

Assessment Services
1 Portland Street
P.O. Box 160 
Saint John, N.B., E2L 3X9 


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