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November 3, 2020

The Standing Offer Price and Exception List for Hearing Aids, negotiated with manufacturers for WorkSafeNB along with their provincial counterparts in NL and PEI is still in effect. It can be found here.

Yes, the lists will continue to evolve. The version on the WorkSafeNB website is updated regularly.

WorkSafeNB will process authorization requests based on the device and pricing standards in place at the time WorkSafeNB granted the authorization approval.

All quotes and/or authorization requests received by WorkSafeNB on or before November 2, 2020, but not authorized, accepted or processed by WorkSafeNB, will be processed based on the standards in place as of November 2, 2020.

A list of approved hearing service providers, by geographic area within New Brunswick, is available on WorkSafeNB’s website. The list of approved hearing service providers will evolve as new locations are added and others are retired.

Hearing service providers must submit to WorkSafeNB their invoices for payment. The invoices will be verified against the approved fee schedule that follows and against the WorkSafeNB Form HA-01 Hearing Aid Fitting and Service Report and WorkSafeNB Form HA-02 – Exception Report, as applicable.


Respondents should note that all fees below are inclusive of any applicable taxes. 

  1. Full Diagnostic Audiometric Report (if pre-authorized by WorkSafeNB)


  1. Fitting and Maintenance Fee (per hearing aid device)
    • first 24 months for initial and new aid


  1. Support and Maintenance Fee (per hearing aid device)
    • annually, following first 24 months


  1. Batteries (maximum annual supply of 60 batteries per hearing aid device, excepting hearing aid devices requiring size 10 batteries, which are allowed an annual supply of 100)

$1 per battery

  1. Manufacturer Repairs Fee, per service, outside of warranty period
    Warranty = two years for new hearing aids
    Warranty = one year for manufacturer repair

Manufacturer’s invoice plus $70, plus shipping

  1. Hearing re-evaluation
    • only after first year anniversary of new hearing aid(s)


  1. Copy of injured worker’s file requested by WorkSafeNB and provided by the respondent within five business days of WorkSafeNB's request.


Once their hearing loss claim is approved, WorkSafeNB will notify the injured worker of the list of WorkSafeNB approved hearing service providers in the injured worker’s geographical location, entitlement, and the terms and conditions of the contract between WorkSafeNB and the approved service provider.

WorkSafeNB issues a claim number to cover the cost of the hearing aid device to a hearing service provider, based on the Standing Offer Price and Exception List for hearing aids, as determined appropriate by WorkSafeNB. Approved hearing service providers will be issued an individual service provider payee number upon contract agreement.

The selection of the hearing aid device from the Standing Offer List and Exceptions List for Hearing Aids should, as guideline, have stable reserve gain of approximately 10 dB at the time of first fitting. The Standing Offer Price and Exceptions List for Hearing Aids is available online.

If an injured worker’s medical need requires a hearing aid device not on the Standing Offer Price List for Hearing Aids, WorkSafeNB will review the request on a case-by-case basis. Hearing service providers must complete and remit to WorkSafeNB Form HA-02 – Exception Report for review and approval in these circumstances. If the injured worker chooses a more expensive alternative hearing aid device than what WorkSafeNB’s audiologist consultant has determined is sufficient to meet the medical need, the hearing service provider must invoice the injured worker directly for the difference.

The fitting maintenance fee is a bundled fee that is expected to cover two years of service and maintenance, per hearing device, from the hearing service provider selected by the injured worker. Therefore, WorkSafeNB does not compensate hearing services providers for each client visit.

Hearing service providers must provide all the services outlined below when fitting (a) hearing aid device(s) and will be paid for the fitting fee as outlined in the fee schedule shown in #7.

The Fitting-Maintenance Fee and Support and Maintenance Fee will cover the following maintenance services:

a) Minimum of two cleanings every year for five-year period.
b) Assessment of problems. This may also include assessment related to manufacturer repairs.
c) Minor in-house repairs, which include, but are not limited to adjustments, reprogramming, removal of wax from the device, cleaning, repair/replacement of battery doors, ear hooks, tubing, and wax guards. Minor repairs are expected to be minimized by appropriate training and education of the injured worker during the fitting process. Hearing aid devices with repeated repairs will be monitored and audited against the manufacturer’s serial number. The hearing services provider must identify on any invoice and the WorkSafeNB Form HA-01, Hearing Aid Fitting and Service Report what service was provided and the serial number of the applicable hearing aid device.
d) Counselling.

Fitting-Maintenance Fee includes real ear measurements, ear molds, ear impressions, ear mold blowers, Dri-Aid Kits and other consumables.

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