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August 13, 2019

More information on functional abilities will help employers safely accommodate employees returning to the workplace.

Helping injured employees heal and return to work is important to a productive and prosperous New Brunswick. Healthy workers contribute to a happy, innovative and thriving workforce. As part of our ongoing commitment to effective recovery, we’re pleased to announce a new medical reporting process that will further help employers develop early and safe return to work (RTW) plans.

After research and discussion with the New Brunswick and Canadian medical communities and other compensation boards across the country, WorkSafeNB has created a new and improved medical form. Medical Form 8-10 encourages stay-at-work and early-and-safe-return-to-work for workers. Workplace connection is an essential part of recovery. Modified duties or reduced hours help workers stay productive and supported after an injury or illness. Work continuity and early and safe return to work also helps employers costly disruptions and retraining.

Medical Form 8-10 has some key improvements.

  • Physicians will share more information on workers’ capabilities.
  • A new functional assessment section will help employers better accommodate employees. Employers will have a thorough understanding of a worker’s abilities and limitations so supervisors can better support workers with safe and productive duties.

Learn more.

We look forward to this change as part of our ongoing improvements to services and support. We welcome your feedback. Please let us know what you think of the new form and how we can further help you in your RTW efforts. Reach us at

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