Announcement New Medical Form 8-10

August 13, 2019

WorkSafeNB has recently combined its medical forms 8 and 10. 

To New Brunswick physicians and nurse practitioners:

We know patient care is important to you. Providing effective and timely treatment helps your patients heal faster – they feel supported and have improved medical outcomes. We want to help you achieve these results.

After research and discussion with the New Brunswick and Canadian medical communities and other compensation boards across the country, WorkSafeNB is improving our medical reporting process.

Starting August 13, we will combine Medical Form 8 and Medical Form 10 into one form. Medical Form 8-10 will be for both initial and progress visits.

Following the Canadian Medical Association and Choosing Wisely recommendations, the new form encourages stay-at-work and early-and-safe return-to-work for patients.

Workplace connection is an essential part of recovery. Modified duties or reduced hours help workers stay productive and supported after an injury or illness.

The new Medical Form 8-10 has some key improvement changes

You have more room to share information on your patient's capabilities.

In response to requests from clinicians, we have removed our previous field asking you if your patient is able to work. The medical community highlighted to us that such requests can strain the ongoing relationship with patients, and that clinicians are not the legal arbiters of who can and cannot work.

Instead, a new functional assessment section will help employers accommodate your patients.  Workers can feel secure knowing their employer has a thorough understanding of their abilities and limitations. Their supervisor can better support them with safe and productive duties. 

We ask that you simply provide your assessment of what activities your patient can and cannot undertake safely from a medical perspective.

Medical Form 8-10 is available online in a fillable PDF format. This means you can enter most information by computer, then save to a local drive, and print to sign.

We will no longer provide medical forms in carbon copy format.   

After completing and signing the form, please give the second page of Medical Form 8-10 to your patient, and provide the first page to us by mail, fax or MyServices (secure e-mail), or in person – similar to the current process.

Please let us know how you like the form and how we can further support your needs.

See detailed instruction for completing Medical Form 8-10.



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