News Release Improvements to injury reporting and application for benefits process

December 1, 2020

WorkSafeNB is pleased to announce a new, improved way for employers to report workplace injuries and illnesses and for workers to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.

As part of our long-term plan to transform the client experience, we have made the application for workers’ compensation benefits process simpler and easier. Rather than a joint form, there is now a separate application process for workers and separate reporting process for employers. Only information relevant to each group is required, and they can each submit their information separately. The move comes as a result of a recommendation from the Office of the Auditor General as part of its audit of WorkSafeNB’s claims management framework.

This is phase one in a series of steps toward getting the right information from the right person at the right time. Our vision is quality and timely claim decisions and access to first wage replacement payment sooner for workers.

Some other improvements as part of this new process:

  • We’re providing more instruction and information on WorkSafeNB, the claims process and expectations at the onset. We want workers who get hurt to get an excellent start, and this means guiding them and employers in the right direction at the very beginning.
  • We're emphasizing the importance of complete information – to reduce delays for workers applying for benefits.
  • Workers will also now provide payroll information themselves. This provides workers with more autonomy.
  • We’ve added a new channel for submission. We'll now accept the application or report through email, in addition to fax, mail, MyServices or the Service New Brunswick (SNB) portal. 

The theme is greater efficiency – for everyone, from the worker and employer to the WorkSafeNB staff member. We want workers to get support as soon as possible.

These service improvements are all part of the Client Experience Program under Transformation – and it’s just the beginning.

More phases under this project will lead to further improving our tools and processes to enable our staff to make timelier decisions and provide faster access to treatment and benefits, resulting in better outcomes for workers and employers.


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