News Release New supervisor assessment tool for employers

October 25, 2023


WorkSafeNB is pleased to announce the launch of a practical tool designed to assist employers throughout our province in ensuring the knowledge and competency of their supervisors.

Employers are responsible to make sure their supervisors are competent. To do this, employers must assess supervisors’ knowledge of the OHS Act and its regulations.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (Chapter 38) recently clarified the responsibilities of supervisors.

Recognizing the essential role supervisors play in maintaining safe workplaces, WorkSafeNB is here to support employers in meeting this obligation with the introduction of the Supervisor Assessment Tool, which is specifically tailored to help employers identify gaps in supervisors’ knowledge and develop an action plan if needed.

Download it here.

Download the Action Plan Template here.

Why use this assessment tool?

We know you want to keep your teams safe.

 To do this, employers must assess supervisors’ knowledge of the OHS Act and its regulations.

The first step is to meet with each supervisor and complete all parts of this assessment. Then review the answers to determine if gaps in knowledge about the OHS Act and regulations exist. If gaps are discovered, you need to develop an action plan to close each gap.

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Helpful tips to complete the Assessment

  • Before beginning the assessment, explain that the assessment will help identify areas for learning and development.
  • Limit sharing the responses with only the people who can act on the gaps
  • Ask open-ended questions and follow-up questions.
  • Encourage supervisors to provide as much detail as possible for each question.
  • Provide enough time to fully complete the assessment.
  • If a supervisor does not know an answer to a question, proceed to the next question. Try not to provide them with the answers.
  • The supervisor is not expected to recite sections of the OHS Act and regulations
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