News Release Important update: Change to head protection standards coming

February 2, 2024

Recent legislative amendments have led to the adoption of nationally harmonized safety standards for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at WorkSafeNB. Notably, this includes an update to head protection requirements.

However, an oversight in the amended draft of General Regulations, 91-191, means it still specifies Type 1, Class E headwear as the correct type for project sites, despite the intended shift to Type 2, Class E headwear.

Until the regulatory correction occurs, both Type 1, Class E, and Type 2, Class E headwear will be accepted on project sites in New Brunswick. However, employers and employees are strongly advised to choose Type 2, Class E headwear, as it will be mandatory on project sites in the future and provides an added level of protection.

Here are brief descriptions of the two headwear types according to CSA standard Z494.1-15:

Type 1, Class E: Protects against crown impacts and penetration. It is non-conducting and designed to pass the dielectric strength test for Class E headwear.

Type 2, Class E: Protects against crown and lateral impacts. It is non-conducting and meets the dielectric strength test.

View CSA standard Z494.1.15 by creating an account on the Canadian Standards Association website.

Please stay informed and consider this update when selecting head protection for project sites in New Brunswick. If you have further inquiries or need clarification, please reach out.

Call: 1 800 999-9775 (option 2)


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