News Release WorkSafeNB launches consultation for New Brunswick artists

April 24, 2024

WorkSafeNB is pleased to launch a consultation regarding workplace injuries and illnesses experienced by professional artists. New Brunswick artists contribute significantly to the economy and play a vital role in shaping our province’s cultural industry, influencing it with creativity, diversity and a unique sense of identity.

In 2014, the Government of New Brunswick committed support for professional artists, developing a special task force to recognize artists’ contributions to the economy, enhance their education and improve their working conditions and legal standing. The Status of the Artist Report contains 24 recommendations developed by the task force to boost the socio-economic status of professional artists. Recommendation 23 suggests WorkSafeNB collaborate with New Brunswick artist associations to collect data on workplace injuries and illnesses to:

  1. Develop industry-specific information on occupational injury and illness prevention based on the injuries and illness experienced by artists; and
  2. Increase knowledge of artists and their professional associations on accessing workers’ compensation coverage. 

WorkSafeNB is committed to making New Brunswick the safest place to work. The data gathered during this consultation will enhance the health and safety culture and resources for New Brunswick artists.

How to participate:

Visit our engagement website TalkSafetyNB to view the report and provide your feedback.

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