News Release WorkSafeNB Highlights Major Achievements and Strong Financial Performance in 2023 Annual Report

July 2, 2024

WorkSafeNB is pleased to release its 2023 Annual Report, highlighting a year of significant growth and transformation. With a steadfast commitment to making New Brunswick the safest place to work, we are proud to report not only the lowest injury frequency rate in our history but also the lowest in Canada. This remarkable achievement, along with improved open claim duration, competitive assessment rates, and a strong financial position, is a testament to the dedication of our team and the collective efforts of New Brunswick’s workers and employers. 

Tim Petersen, president and CEO of WorkSafeNB, expressed immense satisfaction with the accomplishments of 2023. “This past year has been remarkable in many ways,” he said. “Our key performance indicators continue to improve, and I am most proud that we have achieved the lowest injury frequency in our province’s history. This means that more New Brunswickers are returning home safely to their loved ones at the end of each workday, which is our goal.”  

In addition to preventing workplace injuries, we are equally committed to preventing disability when injuries do occur. We can gauge our success in preventing disability by the time it takes to resolve open claims. In 2022, average claim resolution time decreased from 331 days in 2021 to 295 days. This trend continued in 2023, with claim duration dropping further to 285 days. Several factors contributed to this improvement, including collaboration with employers for modified duties, efficient claim assessments, sector-specific case management, early intervention, and personalized care. These efforts not only reduce claim duration but also enhance worker well-being and productivity, positively impacting individuals, families, communities, and the province. 

The year also saw notable progress in employee engagement and culture, sustained client satisfaction, and strong financial performance for WorkSafeNB. At $1.18, New Brunswick now has the second lowest rate in the country. Our continued financial stability attests to prudent management practices and underscores our commitment to supporting a competitive advantage for New Brunswick employers, while providing meaningful benefits to workers. 

WorkSafeNB’s success is further driven by a comprehensive modernization program and guided by our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, Linked Together for our Future, focusing on three key areas – People, Prevention, and Integrity. The launch of several core system projects in 2023, as part of our modernization journey, is a significant milestone in our technology transformation and will lead to a significantly enhanced client experience. 

“On behalf of the board of directors, I extend heartfelt thanks to WorkSafeNB’s dedicated employees who tirelessly ensure the safety and well-being of New Brunswick's workers and their families,” said Mel Norton, WorkSafeNB’s chairperson. “We also appreciate our stakeholders for their active involvement in policy development and legislative reviews, contributing to a safer, healthier, and more prosperous future for all New Brunswickers.” 

For more information on WorkSafeNB's strategic initiatives and the inspiring stories behind the numbers, access the full 2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements. 


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