Benefit Improvements (Consultation closed)


As stewards of New Brunswick’s workers’ compensation system, WorkSafeNB’s board of directors is accountable to you, our stakeholders, to ensure the right balance between the best compensation possible for injured workers, the financial interests of employers, and long-term system sustainability.

Last year, our organization completed a comprehensive review of workers’ compensation legislation. The review identified key issues to consider for legislative change under the Workers’ Compensation Act in the areas of benefits and entitlements, modernization and plain language.

As a stakeholder-driven organization, we must ensure that we fully explore these topics together with you for their impacts on injured workers, employers, and the system’s long-term fiscal sustainability.

We are committed to transparent dialogue with you and using your feedback to inform our decisions. Once this analysis is complete, the board will be able to make specific recommendations to Government for legislative change.

We appreciate your input as we explore ways to improve workers’ compensation legislation and will continue to consult you. With your continued collaboration, we can reach our vision of making New Brunswick the safest place to work.


Mel Norton, WorkSafeNB Chairperson



The consultations are closed. 

WorkSafeNB appreciates your feedback. Thank you for your interest and participation.


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